Edinburgh Gin is now distilled at a former biscuit factory

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Edinburgh Gin is now also being distilled at a former biscuit factory in Edinburgh. The Edinburgh Gin Distillery, at the Biscuit Factory, will produce the core range of gin – Original, Cannonball and the newly- added Seaside Gin, launched in time for summer 2016.  Co-Founder of Edinburgh Gin, Alex Nicol said,”Leith is undoubtedly experiencing its own kind of renaissance, as is gin. We have transformed part of the former United Biscuit’s factory  into our second distillery, in response to the international spirit revival. Leith is steeped in history as an iconic gin port and was the centre of a home grown spirits industry. It made perfect sense to carry on that tradition since Melrose Drover closed its doors in Edinburgh over 30 years ago, and ensure the legacy lives on.
He continued, “This expansion will more than quadruple our production capacity, with the new distillery producing enough spirit to make over 2.5million G&T’s per year. We also have the opportunity to expand further by adding another still.”

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