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Sims may have become synonymous with offering the very latest gaming machines, pool tables, CCTV and big screens, over the years, but more recently it has also been a force to be reckoned with in the field of EPOS and tills, Ice machines and glass and dish washers, as well as the most up-to-date Digital Juke boxes on the market.
Explains MD Scott McGillivray, “Gaming is still our core business, but since acquiring Cash Control Equipment last August, we have diversified into tills and EPOS Systems. Although we have been established for 47 years, CCE had 45 years of experience in the till arena, and we lacked that knowledge. They have brought their technology and experience to Sims, and in return, we provide the service element. There was a lot of synergy between the two companies, not least they had a very similar customer base. In fact, our customers had been asking us for a while to provide tills and EPOS systems. we knew it was a specialised area , but one which more and more customers were getting into.  With EPOS now no longer the preserve of larger pub groups, systems like the SAM4 touch based system which we supply are straight forward and economical to use and offer a whole range of time saving features for ordering and keeping control of stock. (The only way to break in was to buy into a company with vast experience, and CCE certainly had that.”)
He continues, “We have been supplying the Scottish on-trade since 1969 and over the years we have strived to become not just the biggest, but the best, at providing our customers with equipment that makes their businesses run smoother. By merging with and acquiring some of the smaller suppliers, we have managed to grow our business, and keep on top of trends.”
In fact Sims has become in effect a ‘One-stop shop’ for essential licensed trade equipment but perhaps more importantly it also offers the service back-up national suppliers and smaller suppliers cannot. Says Scott, “We have a team of 65, the majority of whom are multi-skilled service engineers. If you have rental equipment from us you will receive top quality service within hours of placing a call.
As well as seeing growth on this side of the business Sims has seen a vast uplift in its business due to adding the supply of ice makers and glass washing machines to its product range. It is now the fastest growing area of the business.
Scott explains “The cost of glass washers and ice machines these days make it more economical in many cases to rent. It frees up cashflow for other things, and we repair or change machines, should they be faulty, within a couple of hours. More and more licensees are moving towards leasing and rental, because their costs are fixed, and they know they will get a quality service. Historically this area of the industry had a bad reputation for service and callouts. But we know the benefits of providing a good service, and we hold onto our customers by ensuring that they are not left without their vital equipment. As an independent Scottish company we have proved over the years that we are much better placed to offer the prompt service our customers have come to expect.
Sims has always carried a range of traditional juke boxes, but now that range includes the all important digital juke box. Scott comments, “Digital juke boxes have up to 250,000 tracks to choose from. For example the latest Icon box from NSM has tracks available online the very day they come out, and licensees can stream the music to suit the audience profile. They can also provide background music and can be used for advertising and karaoke. And if you hate a particular track you can always block it!”
He adds, “We have grown because we know what is important to licensees who have well-run pubs. We are delighted to offer a ‘One-stop Shop’ for just about all their equipment needs. We are Scotland’s largest independent supplier and we believe the best, and we plan to keep it that way by offering the best customer service we can.”

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