Glasgow Vaults A Great Service for Publicans.

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With banks in Scotland no longer offering a Safe Keeping service for their customers, increasingly people here are left with the problem of where to store cash, valuables and important paperwork.  Enter – Glasgow Vaults – Scotland’s first independent safe deposit box/locker facility.
Offering customers their own personal (or company) safe deposit box from less than £3 per week, with 7 day access, the arrival of Glasgow Vaults is a major benefit to the marketplace in Scotland.
Fully insured and underwritten by insurers Lloyd’s of London, Glasgow Vaults is the second vault opened by the company, with the first being Ireland’s largest safe deposit box facility – Merrion Vaults – located in the centre of Dublin.
Glasgow Vaults opened 2015, with an official launch carried out by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon earlier this year, the business to-date has witnessed strong demand for its service.
“So far, it has been a huge success – with the added bonus of not only being first to market in Scotland – but with the endorsement of the First Minister – we couldn’t be happier with the success of Glasgow Vaults” said one of the founders Seamus Fahy.
Customers can call in, register for a box and have immediate access to their box 7 days a week. It is ideal for the safe-keeping of cash, jewellery, important documents, sentimental items and any other valuables which are irreplaceable.
Unfortunately these days, the only way to keep valuables completely safe and secure is out of your home or business and in a safe deposit box. Due to cash businesses being targeted by criminals this service is ideal for publicans. Businesses and companies are also using it for cash flow safekeeping and/or the secure storage of important documents such as Title Deeds, contracts, policy documents and even back-up hard drives and usb’s.
Private individuals are using the service of a safe deposit box also, to keep personal valuables and irreplaceable items safe – items like jewellery, cash, sentimental items, passports etc. With unlimited access 7 days a week, it is the ideal security solution.
A number of other possible sites throughout the UK and even mainland Europe are also being considered by the company behind Glasgow Vaults, who are most certainly looking to a more secure future.
If you are interested in renting a Safe Deposit Box/Locker or have any questions about keeping your valuables secure, call Glasgow Vaults on: 0141 343 1305 or email them
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