Maxxium identifies £585m potential spirit sales for trade

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Maxxium UK is embarking on an acceleration campaign to grow the sales of spirits over the next five years in both the on and off trade.
The spirits distributor has used findings from its largest ever category research project to develop ‘A Winning Mixx’ that it hopes will unlock the full potential sales of spirits which it has identified as a £585m sales growth opportunity for the on trade.

Maxxium has invested over £1 million in consumer and shopper research and analysis to identify the barriers to purchase, such as taste, strength, poor knowledge and issues with trial, which it believes can be removed resulting in increased sales. Six growth drivers have been identified; Discovery, recruiting non-spirits drinkers; Adventure: drive value by encouraging confident drinkers to trade up and for all spirits drinkers to broaden their repertoire; Refreshment: provide longer, lasting serves for occasions where  refreshment is the motivation; Sharing: use spirits to bring both small and large groups where socialising is the motivation; Perfect experience: ensure perfect serve both in-home and at-bar; Positive spirits: educating and building the understanding of spirits.

Mark Riley, managing director of Maxxium UK, said, “A Winning Mixx presents a sustainable sales growth opportunity across the spirits industry.”
Part of the ‘growth enablers’ involved brands embracing technology as customers make more purchasing decisions using technology. Maxxium will also be optimising its promotions to establish how to achieve maximum return on promotions by analysing price points and mechanics.

More than 7,000 adults – both spirits and non-spirits alcohol drinkers – were surveyed, focusing on their purchasing behaviour in restaurants, bars and retail outlets. The survey also looked at their attitudes towards alcohol, specifically spirits.

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