Maxxium Brings Maker’s 46 to the UK

Makers 46

Maxxium has extended its impressive bourbon portfolio with the launch of Maker’s 46, from Maker’s Mark, in the UK from September.

The variant is to be marketed at premium on-trade and luxury retail outlets.

Maker’s 46 is made by taking fully matured Maker’s Mark bourbon from its barrel, adding on ten seared French oak staves to the inside of the original barrel,then putting the Maker’s Mark back in and ageing it several more months.

The second stage takes place in the coolest part of the warehouse, resulting in a flavour profile of caramel, vanilla and spice.

The result is a bigger and bolder bourbon than the original, that still has the distinctive taste of Maker’s Mark.

Maker’s 46 is bottled at 47% ABV – which is 2% higher than the original Maker’s Mark.

The number 46 in the name refers to the 46th recipe Bill Samuel’s Sr tried before finally creating the Maker’s Mark combination.

The bourbon comes in a longer 700ml bottle, with the Maker’s 46 logo engraved on the glass, and Maker’s Mark hand-dipped red wax to finish off the look.

Maxxium UK’s Marketing Controller for Imported Whiskey, Janice McIntosh, says, “Maker’s 46 is uniquely crafted to deliver an exceptional flavour that is bigger and bolder while maintaining the smoothness of Maker’s Mark. Bartenders and bourbon aficionados will be keen to welcome this premium expression as it meets the growing appetite for quality bourbons and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce it to the UK”


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