Alcohol Information Partnership launched to balance alcohol misuse debate

D Roberts PR2

A new industry-backed UK-wide initiative has been launched to bring balance to the debate around alcohol and alcohol misuse.

The Alcohol Information Partnership (AIP) has been created to challenge the common misconception that alcohol consumption is bad for you.

According to the AIP, binge drinking is in decline, particularly among young people and there have been drops in underage drinking and long-term harmful drinking.

Yet the public discussion around the issue has become “increasingly imbalanced and characterised by poor representation of the evidence,” says Dave Roberts, Director General of the independent non-profit group.

He warned, “Alcohol misuse is an incredibly serious issue. As a society, we should continue to have rigorous debate about how best we continue to tackle and reduce alcohol misuse.

“Too often the facts have been dramatised or exaggerated in order to scare people and skew the debate. The reality is that binge drinking is in decline in the UK – particularly among young people – and the vast majority of people enjoy a drink responsibly.”

Binge drinking has fallen by 19% since 2005, including significant declines for 16-24 and 25-44 age groups, down 33% and 20% respectively, states the Office for National Statistics.

Roberts added, “The Alcohol Information Partnership is here to bring balance back to the debate and remind the public that having a drink at home or in the pub can still be a part of a balanced lifestyle as long as it is drunk in moderation.”

The AIP will also promote the success of an ongoing coordinated approach by the Government, industry, Local Authorities and NGOs, which focuses on education, enforcement, and targeted initiatives. The AIP argues that a steady fall in alcohol misuse suggests this approach is producing results and should be encouraged.

The AIP is funded by eight alcoholic drinks producers including Diageo Great Britain, Bacardi, and Remy-Cointreau.