Blackbird toasts Jack Daniel’s milestone

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Jack Daniel’s fans will be flocking to Edinburgh bar, The Blackbird, this weekend for a big birthday bash.
To celebrate what would have been the 166th birthday of Jack Daniel’s legendary founder, visitors will be treated to a weekend of music, food and a special cocktail list featuring a Tennessee twist.
Served in “The Shed” bar in the venue’s beer garden, cocktails on offer include Tennessee Tea – a sour Earl Grey tea based cocktail, and Honey Buck – a Buck cocktail sweetened with Jack Daniel’s honey.
As well as a BBQ in the afternoon and early evening, there will also be live music on Friday and Saturday night with Danny and Steven of Edinburgh Indie band The 10:04’s taking the stage.
The Blackbird’s Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel, a rare blend unique to the bar and selected by owners Martin Luney and Colin Church on a trip to Lynchburg will also be available.

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