New Scotch single malt diploma to launch in Edinburgh

diploma course

A new diploma in single malt whisky is set to launch in Edinburgh next week.

Starting 20 September, the two-day, SQA accredited course will be the first qualification delivered by the newly established Edinburgh Whisky Academy.

Billed as the first recognised, independent knowledge-based short course in the whisky industry, it will focus on all aspects of Scotch whisky history and production.

Edinburgh Whisky Academy Founder and Managing Director, Kirsty McKerrow, said the “in-depth” course is designed to “provide a true and factual grounding for whisky knowledge.”

The former Nordic Brand Ambassador for Möet Hennessy’s whiskies, Glenmorangie and Ardbeg, added, “Until now, there was no recognised independent knowledge-based short course in the whisky industry.

“Of great importance is that the knowledge gained is totally impartial and neutral from any distillery or brand.”

The diploma will be led by Vic Cameron, and was devised by whisky experts including Cameron, Dominic Roskrow, Gavin D Smith and Pete Robson.

Further diplomas in the Art of Tasting Whisky and Blended Whiskies are planned for early 2017.

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