Silent Pool releases WRY English Vodka and gin cocktail ‘mists’

silent pool

Surrey-based Silent Pool Distillers has launched its WRY English Vodka, made from rye, and three gin mist sprays designed to enhance cocktails.

Bottled at 40% ABV, the new WRY English Vodka is made from spring-fed water from the Silent Pool, a spring-fed lake at the foot of the North Downs in Surrey, and is 100% rye grain spirit.

It is filtered through hardwood charcoal which is sourced locally from a Surrey Hills craftsman and fired in a traditional circular kiln.

According to Silent Pool’s Master Distiller, Cory Mason, this technique “removes impurities and harshness whilst ensuring an exceptionally smooth taste with just a subtle hint of rye spice.”

Mason developed the WRY vodka to “have the style of rye, but with a new twist.” He said, “It has a tiny bite, which makes it more versatile and interesting to use in cocktails.”

Another new Silent Pool release this month comes in the form of an unusual cocktail garnish – the distillery’s new range of Silent Pool Gin Mist Sprays.

The mists have been created to add an extra dimension to both gin cocktails and gin and tonics by covering the surface liquid of the drink with a thin film of flavour.

They are free to the on trade, available through CASK, and come in three aromas: Bergamot Orange, Kaffir Lime and a special Christmas Edition, which is distilled with flavours of “traditional mulling spices, cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg infused with hints of Christmas tree.”

The gin mists are made by steeping fruit peel in spirit with a touch of angelica and orris root. The oils are then extracted and the remaining liquid blended with chamomile and rose tea to complement and enhance gin-based drinks.

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