Scottish whisky pros inspire Canadian single malt

Victoria Caledonian brewign

Canadian distillery Victoria Caledonian Distillery has teamed up with Scottish whisky makers Dr Jim Swan and Mike Nicolson to produce a single malt new-make spirit.

The new single malt is being made in pot stills from Forsyths coppersmiths in Aberlour, Scotland and will be matured in oak casks made from wood sourced from Spain, Portugal and Kentucky.

The “super fruity, surprisingly smooth” new-make spirit has been devised by Dr Jim Swan, a top whisky consultant and master blender, and Mike Nicolson, a third generation master distiller who has worked with Diageo for over 35 years.

Commenting on the new-make spirit, Dr Jim Swan said, “the new-make is the best that I have seen in any distillery at this stage, super fruity.”

The distillery in Greater Victoria produces both whisky and beer. Its Twa Dogs beer range is named after the Robert Burns poem, The Twa Dogs, reflecting the pride the distillery takes in its Scottish heritage.

Victoria Caledonian Distillery is also offering whisky lovers the chance to design their own cask of whisky from a choice of 10 oak wood casks and five different new-make spirits; unpeated, light peated, medium peated, heavy peated single malt, and Irish-style pot still whisky, with input and support from the distillery’s whisky sommelier and brand ambassador Andrew Campbell Walls.