Britvic relaunches historic R White’s lemonade

R Whites Lemonade Glass Bottles

Soft drinks manufacturer Britvic has given its historic R White’s lemonade a revamp with the launch of three new flavours: Traditional Cloudy Lemonade, Raspberry Lemonade and Pear & Elderflower.

R White’s lemonade was first launched by Robert and Mary White in London in 1845. The new range unveiled at the end of October has been designed to appeal to adult drinkers and is made using lemon and fruit juices.

The new flavours will be available in 330ml cans, as well as a premium 330ml glass bottle, with both featuring a striking new design that pays tribute to the brand’s history.

Kevin McNair, GB Marketing Director at Britvic, said,“With over 170 years’ heritage, R White’s is an integral part of the Britvic portfolio of brands and an important part of Britain’s soft drinks history.

“The lemonade category has evolved considerably since R White’s lemonade was first made by Robert and Mary White in 1845, and flavours are now driving the growth.

“With years of experience, a brand new range of flavoured variants and an attractive new look, R White’s lemonade is uniquely placed to deliver value growth into the category and further sales for the leisure and licensed sectors.”

The new R White’s lemonades range also contains up to 3.9g sugar per 100ml, making it exempt from the proposed soft drink levy.

It will be supported by a £2m media campaign in March that will highlight the new design and flavours while raising awareness of the brand’s heritage, which dates back to 1845 when R White’s first went into production.

R White’s lemonade remains an iconic part of Britvic’s portfolio and is known for its iconic TV ad from 1973, for which musician Ross MacManus, father of Elvis Costello, composed and sang I’m A Secret Lemonade Drinker. Featuring a man in striped PJs sneaking downstairs for a late-night taste of lemonade, ‘The Secret Lemonade Drinker‘ ran for nearly nine years and was even spoofed by Ronnie Corbet in 1992.

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