NKD ambition: SHS Drinks unveils new ‘skinny WKDs’

NKD 275ml ev

Drinks producer SHS Drinks has launched a new low-calorie addition to its WKD portfolio this month, called NKD.

The new NKD line is available in two flavours, Lemon & Lime and Blueberry & Elderflower.

At less than 100 kCal per 275ml bottle, NKD has the same 4% ABV as WKD, but less than half the calorie content.

The new brand is primarily aimed at drinkers aged 18-24 years old, nearly half of whom , according to SHS Drinks, “aim to ‘be healthier’ when socialising”.

Jo Sykes, Marketing Director of Alcohol & Soft Drinks at SHS Drinks, said, “NKD’s added air of sophistication will have strong appeal to today’s image conscious 18 to 24-year-old consumers, who always looking to stay sharp, by offering two lower calorie on-trend flavour options – 44% of consumers in this age group say they aim to ‘be healthier’ when socialising.”

SHS Drinks drinks will target its distribution to style bars, casual dining restaurants and other entertainment venues popular with 18 to 24-year-old consumers.

The new launch is part of a larger makeover project to transform the WKD brand and tap into the young adult market, as the company looks to add £65 million to the UK RTD market.

Sykes added, “Our aim is to recruit new consumers and shape their perceptions by positioning WKD as a catalyst for having fun with friends, providing an energy lift and offering a great tasting product with the right amount of alcohol.

“We’ll do this through engaging with and exciting consumers, and being seen in the right places at the right time – from festivals and gigs to bowling alleys and cafés.”

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