Pub and restaurant sector facing career image crisis


The UK restaurant and pub sectors need to work harder to promote themselves as a positive place to work and build careers, according to new research by CGA Peach, which found only 25% would recommend working in the hospitality industry long-term.

Figures from the company’s October BrandTrack survey of 5,000 British adults show that only a quarter (24%) of people would recommend the hospitality industry as a career or part-time profession, and one-third (34%) would not.

The remaining 42% answered “don’t know”, suggesting a widespread uncertainty or lack of understanding about the industry as a profession, noted the company.

The findings reflect ongoing recruitment concerns from hospitality operators. At its annual forum in October, Star Pubs & Bars reported that staffing emerged as a key concern among licensees. An increase in staff costs was a concern for 34%, and 17% were worried about kitchen staff recruitment

But the CGA Peach survey did suggest that the hospitality sector is more attractive to younger employees. Among those aged 18 to 24, a third (33%) said they would recommend working in the industry, compared to less than a fifth (19%) of those aged 45 to 54.

Those living in city centres (38%) are also much more likely to recommend it than those living in suburban (18%) or rural (20%) areas.

CGA Peach Vice President, Peter Martin, said, “These new BrandTrack figures are a reminder of the work that remains to be done to help people understand that pubs and restaurants provide stimulating and rewarding work.

“But the high numbers of people who are unsure of their opinions of hospitality as a career suggest they might be open to persuasion if they can learn more about its roles.

“It’s up to everyone in this sector to highlight the huge opportunities that are available to young talent in particular.”

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