Concept Cocktail Bar The Voyage Of Buck Lands In Edinburgh

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The Voyage of Buck, a new, imaginative cocktail bar and restaurant from Red Teapot owners Martin Luney and Colin Church, has opened on William Street in Edinburgh’s West End, in place of Bert’s Bar.

It joins a growing trend of concept bars in the city, alongside Badger & Co (based on Wind in the Willows) and Panda & Sons (a speakeasy cocktail bar hidden behind a barber’s shop frontage).

Voyage of Buck has its own fun backstory – the life of fictitious world Traveller William “Buck” Clarence and his travels to Paris, Taipei, Cairo, Havana, London and back home to Edinburgh during the early 1900s.

This has inspired the restaurant and bar’s eclectic yet slick Edwardian-era décor which includes antique memorabilia from Buck’s travels.

It’s extensive cocktail menu also has a suite of drinks dedicated to each city Buck visited, for example, the Spiced Rum Punch sharing cocktail is inspired by Planters Punch, the most popular drink in Havana during the mid 18th century.

It has also introduced a seasonal winter cocktail menu and there are plans to host an Alternative Thanksgiving evening on 24 November, which Buck would no doubt approve of!

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