Czech Lager ‘Celia’ Joins Carlsberg’s Portfolio

CELIA Organic and Dark bottles2

Carlsberg UK has added gluten-free Czech lager Celia to its beer portfolio. The brand, from the city of Zatec, is traditionally batch brewed for over two months by Zatecky Pivovar, which is one of several microbreweries co-owned by the Carlsberg Group around the world.

The beers joining the portfolio are Celia Organic, a 4.5% organic Czech lager containing 100% Saaz hops and Moravian malt and Celia Dark, a 5.7% ABV dark lager, also using 100% Saaz hops, as well as Toffee Bavarian malt and sand-filtered water from the Zatec foothills.

Both beers are brewed using a patented de-glutenisation process, which gives the range the benefit of being gluten-free, while a silicon filtration technique means the range is also suitable for vegans. In addition, a natural carbonation process is used to give the beers a light mouth feel taste.

Liam Newton, vice president, marketing for Carlsberg UK, said, “CELIA Organic and CELIA Dark are quality Czech beers, loved by beer drinkers for their exceptional flavour and ability to perfectly complement good food. The fact that they are brewed to be gluten-free gives the brand an added point of difference.”

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