Old Tom from Citadelle Craft French Gin

old tom

Citadelle has added Old Tom Gin to its ever-growing portfolio with this strictly limited edition expression which takes inspiration from 18th Century England where the working-classes opted for a distinctly candied flavour profile.

This innovative approach is part of Maison Ferrand’s ongoing ‘Extreme’ programme, an initiative that sees the creation of a handful of new spirits each year, pushing the boundaries of production through new techniques, or refining long lost methods, often the result of many hours delving into historical records.

This modern interpretation of a near-forgotten classic recipe features Caribbean brown sugar, which is lightly caramelised in copper pots, blended with Citadelle Reserve and aged in barrels.

The result is an elegantly floral, juniper-led gin with subtle notes of almond set aside liquorice, and a spicy hint of Cinnamon.

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