Fierce growth for Aberdeen microbrewery

Dave McHardy and Dave Grant 3

Fierce Beer, a Scottish microbrewery based in Aberdeen, has announced plans to massively increase its production run after a hugely successful first seven months.

Its founders Dave Grant and David McHardy launched the fledgling microbrewery in May 2016 in Dyce, having started the brand as a home-brew hobby in 2013.

After doubling its projected start-up sales in the first six months, Fierce Beer will now increase its brewing capacity to 20,000 litres per month.

The microbrewery has already expanded to 24,000 sq ft and is looking to double in size in the first quarter of next year, with the addition of 2,400 sq ft of warehouse space. There are future plans to offer brewery tours to the public.


To date, the microbrewery has brewed over 54,000 litres of beer in the form of pale ales, IPAs, porters and fruit beers; bottling over 80,000 beer bottles by hand.

Dave Grant, Managing Director of Fierce Beer, said the company’s export sales had also increased by 25% in the past six months, and that the rapid growth has allowed Fierce to hire its first employee.

He said, “We are delighted with the success of Fierce, and it’s growing popularity to date. A lot of time has been invested into the beers and we are continually developing them to make the brews better than ever. Market demand has been exceptional.”

Fierce boasts a core range of 10 beers, including a number of limited edition brews. It recently secured its off-sales license and has launched its online store ahead of Christmas.

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