Sky.P.A: A beer made from cloud water?

Innis Gunn Sky. P. A

Innis & Gunn has gone to new heights to create its new beer, Sky.P.A. an experimental IPA made using water harvested from Scottish clouds.

The independent craft brewer created a bespoke airborne device fitted with a turbine and condenser that sucked moisture directly from the clouds as it flew over The Devil’s Beef Tub, a 500ft hollow in the hills near Moffat, and cooled it into enough cloud water to brew 500 pints.

The innovative IPA marks the launch of Innis & Gunn’s first-ever equity crowdfunding campaign, which has raised well over £1.7m so far.

Innis & Gunn founder, Dougal Gunn Sharp, said, “Experimentation is in our blood, and we’re incredibly excited to invite beer lovers and investors everywhere to join us on our quest to push the boundaries of beer. Now, we’re brewing a beer by harvesting water straight from the Scottish clouds. We’re hoping we can invent more brews like Sky.P.A. with a group of people as passionate as we are about beer.”

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