Dunnet Bay Distillery toasts Burns with special ‘Lassies Toast’ gin

Rock Rose gin producer Dunnet Bay Distillery has released special edition gin called Lassies Toast to celebrate Burns Night.

The gin is inspired by the Moorland tea that Robert Burns is reputed to have enjoyed and is made to a unique recipe designed in-house by the UK’s most northerly mainland distillery.

Designed “fae the lassies”, the new gin is made from bilberry leaves, strawberry leaves, heather tops, speedwell and wild thyme, ingredients found in the Moorland tea recipe.

The 41.5% ABV gin is bottled in a collectible red glass bottle, with each product hand signed, numbered and sealed at the distillery.

Lassies Toast is being released in limited run of 250 bottles available exclusively from the Dunnet Bay Distillery website and costs £34.

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