Restaurateurs open up in Glasgow’s Rotunda

Restaurateurs, Kevin Campbell and Toni Carbajosa have opened Mezze on the top floor of the Rotunda complex in Glasgow. The pair who also own Greek-Cypriot restaurant Halloumi and Rioja tapas and cocktail bar in Finnieston, used CM Design Consultants, to give the split-level restaurant a Mediterranean redesign. Now the 60-seater restaurant and bar boasts postcard blue walls, comfortable and colourful fabric and leather booths and white washed tables and chairs that will transport you to port of Thessaloniki whilst you dine.

Head chefs, Alex Lioly and Ridi Mukja, have included a combination of small and big plates with Greek, Cypriot, Ionian islands and Turkish influences.

Sharing specialities include whole chargrilled sea bream, slow-cooked kleftiko lamb shoulder, slow cooked chicken tava stews, and seafood saganaki stews.

Campbell says, “Modern Greek and Mediterranean cuisine is making waves at the moment and we wanted to create a dining space that pays homage to our chefs heritage.”

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