William Grant & Sons Acquires US Whiskey Distillery

William Grant

William Grant & Sons has acquired Tuthilltown Spirits, the producer of the Hudson whiskey brand which the Scotland-based distiller bought in 2010.

The distillery, which consists of 36 acres including a restaurant, visitor centre and grounds with views of New York’s Hudson River, is considered the inspiration of the American craft whiskey movement and was New York State’s first distillery since Prohibition. The move will expand William Grant & Sons’ reach into craft American whiskey distilling for the first time.

William Grant & Sons’ Chief Executive Officer, Simon Hunt commented, “When William Grant & Sons bought the Hudson Whiskey brand, we were not only attracted to the possibilities within the American whiskey category but in particular, the authenticity of the Hudson brand and the excellence of the whiskey, the same is true of the distillery. The entire team at Tuthilltown bring an incredible passion to what they do and possess an entrepreneurial spirit that we will whole heartedly encourage.”

The Hudson Whiskey range includes the flagship Hudson Baby Bourbon, as well as Hudson Manhattan Rye, Hudson Single Malt Whiskey, Hudson New York Corn Whiskey, Hudson Four Grain Bourbon and additional seasonal releases.

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