Mediterranean move for Sloan and Gizzi

Paul Sloan and Mario Gizzi have opened Mezzidakia, a new Mediterranean fusion restaurant next to Chaakoo in Glasgow’s St. Vincent Street.

The sister restaurant of Topolabamba and Chaakoo Bombay Cafe, the restaurant offers a mix of Turkish, Lebanese, Moroccan and Greek dishes, and offers small plates like Topolabamba and Chaakoo.

Paul told DRAM, “There’s a big void of restaurants offering this style of cuisine in a chic ambience. I don’t think opening a standalone Turkish or Lebanese or Moroccan or Greek restaurant would work, but we’ll have a mix of all of it which will work.”

The menu consists of kebabs, 22 small plates of a mix of the cuisines and pide, Turkish pizza.

The restaurant, which opened at the beginning of the month, also has a small bar that is the first in Scotland to stock Turkish beer Efes on draught. Paul says, “We want it to be very authentic. There’s going to be drinks served that you won’t have thought about since the 70s or 80s, when everyone started going to Greece on holiday.”


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