Kopparberg makes it onto the bar with draught Kopparberg Black

Kopparberg Black

Kopparberg now has a draught offering in the shape of its new Kopparberg Black! It’s the first time the Swedish brand has offered a draught variant and its exclusive to the on-trade.  This new flavour, an apple cider with a hint of blackberry and blackcurrant, will be served up extra cold and will offer a premium alternative to other draught fruit ciders from a stylish, sleek, black standalone font, or font lens and tap handle.

Kopparberg Black will also benefit from the £6m marketing push by Kopparberg , revealed last month,  ‘Outside is Ours’ aims to promote making the most of the great summer weather. Kopparberg Black will also make an appearance at summer festivals throughout the UK. 

Rob Salvesen, Senior Marketing Manager at Kopparberg, comments, “The move to offer a premium draught variant feels like a natural progression for Kopparberg, with its current position as the best-selling premium packaged fruit cider in the UK on trade. As such, we’re extremely excited about the arrival of Kopparberg Black to our portfolio, not least being able to offer consumers a fruit cider on draught made to be more sessionable and a premium alternative to what is already on the market.” http://www.kopparberg.co.uk

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