A bar for all seasons

In the wake of the recent heatwave, weather-themed bar The Barologist doesn’t have a rain machine unfortunately, but it does have a snow machine AND a fog machine. It’s at 23 Commercial Street Edinburgh and came to life following a half a million pound refurbishment from owners, Ecosse Inns Ltd. The company is leasing the building from Greene King and The Barologist has rooms for each of the four seasons – and a lot more besides, according to GM, Jamie Mackinnon. He told DRAM, “We have a planetarium, and a snow machine with the snow contained in a glass case , but our fog machine actually pumps out ‘fog’ in 20-second spurts every few minutes. We also have a dry ice machine and dry ice cocktails are part of our offering. Another fun feature is our big red Thunder Button which, when pressed, like when a customer buys an expensive drink for example, sounds thunder right around the bar” The bar’s also encouraging customers to take selfies, as Jamie explains. “Customers can download an app, which they can use to send a selfie to us that we can then imprint on to a cocktail or a coffee.”

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