Redcastle Spirits has announced the pending launch of a Spiced Rum. The Angus-based firm has just created its Scottish & Caribbean Spiced Rum Fusion, and they believe it is the first time Scottish distilled molasses rum has been blended with aged Caribbean rum. Redcastle co-founder Fiona Walsh comments, “As with everything we do at Redcastle Spirits, we weren’t prepared to rush it to market and compromise on the flavour so we took our time to make it perfect.” The company has also researched the history of rum in the Angus area and discovered that Carmyllie, where the company has its HQ was once a haven for rum smuggling. Says Fiona, “It has been a wonderful story for us to learn about and has made as feel as if we are bringing rum back home to the area, albeit this time completely legally!” They recently trialed the liquid to consumers at The Open in Carnoustie and got, say the company, “a fabulous response”

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