Scottish government plans to ban alcohol advertising before 9pm

The  Scottish government plans to tackle alcohol abuse by banning drink adverts on TV before the 9pm watershed, while drinks manufacturers will also be urged to include health warnings on labelling.

Both were unveiled as new official figures revealed there were 35,499 alcohol-related hospital admissions in Scotland in 2017-18. They also showed that people living in deprived areas were seven times more likely to suffer harm due to drink than others.

The measures are part of a 20-point strategy aimed at reducing drinking, with a focus on young people, and were announced by Public Health Minister Joe FitzPatrick as part of the Alcohol Framework 2018: Preventing Harm strategy

He said the drinks industry would be given until September 2019 to improve health labelling on products, warning that if they failed to do so voluntarily, they would face new legislation.

Marketing regulation is Westminster’s preserve, so the Scottish government will ask the UK government to act or devolve powers to Holyrood.

Alcohol Focus Scotland and The British Medical Association have both welcome the plan.