Happy Burns Night! Here’s a cocktail to celebrate

We’re celebrating the Bard’s birthday with a ‘Make it Blush’ cocktail courtesy of Glasgow’s Rogano restaurant.

Why Make it Blush? Because he refers to blushing in several of his poems, like the poem Bonie Jean, an ode to his wife Jean Armour, in which he writes,

‘At length she blush‘d a sweet consent, And love was aye between them twa’

Then there’s On a Bank of Flowers in which he writes,

Her robes, light-waving in the breeze, 
Her tender limbs embrace; 
Her lovely form, her native ease, 
All harmony and grace; 
Tumultuous tides his pulses roll, 
A faltering, ardent kiss he stole; 
He gaz’d, he wish’d
He fear’d, he blush’d
And sigh’d his very soul. 

Enough already with poetry. Here’s the recipe for Make it Blush:

50 ml Old Curiosity Gin (Rose)

12.5 ml of St. Germain

12.5 ml Lillet Blanc

12.5 ml Citric Syrup

It’s then served in a stemless Martini glass filled with crushed ice with the gin served on the side. It turns pink when the gin is poured over the rest of the ingredients.

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