Absolut creates new bottle label in support of LGBT+ History Month

Absolut vodka has taken ink used in hate signs from around the world to create a new limited edition bottle to celebrate LGBT+ History Month.

Absolut say that they travelled to anti-LGBT+ and racist protests around the world, where they collected ink from the hate signs and placards to create the artwork for their limited edition Absolut Drop bottle.

Using innovative technologies, ink was extracted from the signage and utilised it in the production of the Absolut Drop bottle artwork. Each of the bottles feature a drop of ink from the signs within the mint and pink bottle outlines, changing the intended negative message into something positive and ‘spreading love through action’.

The bottle design incorporates the word love in multiple languages to represent love having no borders, and the UK version of the bottle also features a rainbow heart in honour of the LGBT+ community, that says: ‘Taking Pride in Diversity’.

The bottle has also been made using 70 per cent recycled glass including recycled glass from previous limited edition bottles. The brand say the brilliance of the bottle colour is the result of using cobalt colored glass instead of using coating or any other type of decoration. Colouring the glass meant that Absolut could maximise the amount of recycled glass content in the bottle, without having to worry about discolouration

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