BrewBroker, the brewing industry’s peer-to-peer marketplace, is set to launch its platform in America. Well established in the UK, BrewBroker currently works with 400+ traders in Britain and across Europe, and will begin rolling out their transatlantic platform from April.

Kicking off the launch at the Craft Brewers Conference in Denver, Colorado, BrewBroker will become one of the first of its kind to provide solutions to the US and UK brewing markets on a such a large scale. The business will also look to provide in-country solutions for the American brewing industry over the coming months. Providing a digital solution for those who want to brew beer, sell beer, white label a product, or simply find a cost-effective route to market, BrewBroker aims to connect all those involved in the industry at the touch of a button. The firm is set to invest £400,000+ into the platform’s functionality, aiming to become a truly global tool with the addition of multiple languages, new currencies and even tax calculations.

Speaking of the investment and the BrewBroker’s global expansion, Co-founder and CEO, Daniel Rowntree, said,  “We are so excited to be launching in America, and we can’t wait to show people just how powerful our platform is. We’ve aspired to be able to facilitate transatlantic brewing and our most recent investment is a bold step towards making that dream a reality. America is widely considered the home of craft beer, so it’s great to be taking our platform to the roots of our sector.”

Ben Morgan-Smith, Chief Technical Officer and Co-founder, said, “From its inception, BrewBroker has always aimed to make our platform international. We are keen to further support our global buyers and suppliers with functionality that is designed around their needs. BrewBroker will be recruiting brand ambassadors over the next few weeks, who will be boots on the ground as we expand into the American marketplace. These new team members will raise awareness and will facilitate industry sessions that allow people to share their brewing knowledge across all points in the supply chain.”

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