Glasgow’s Grand Central Hotel has achieved a ‘Gold’ accreditation for its work with Investors In Young People.  

The Investors in Young People Good Practice Award accreditation report concluded that the Grand Central Hotel is regarded as an ambassador for its work with young people.  

Paul Bray, General Manager of the Grand Central Hotel, said, “This award is something that we are very proud. we are thrilled to have achieved the Gold standard for investing in young people at our first attempt and believe that this demonstrates our commitment to recruiting, developing and retaining our young talent.”

He continued: “We believe that employing young people and ‘growing our own’ within the business breeds success and we can see a clear impact on business growth.” An accessor completed the work by interviewing staff, reviewing company processes and past promotion of young people to roles within various areas of the hotel. The accreditors concentrated on three key areas of the hotel’s business: attracting and recruiting young people; supporting, guiding and developing young people; and retention of young people.

The Grand Central Hotel is a key influencer in developing new strategies through work life balance, flexible contracts with guaranteed hours, millennial mentoring and reverse mentoring.

The hotel also offers hospitality specific development programmes to develop aspiring leaders including the IHG graduate programme, Glasgow Welcomes and the AHS Apprentice Programme.

The assessment found that Grand Central Hotel provided opportunities for young people who are still in school, graduate and apprentice programmes, university and college placements and employability partner placement, as well as work experience.

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