Influencers in the Scottish Licensed Trade: Joanna Nethery

Five March

Joanna’s on our list because of her locally sourced and ethical approach to food. She and partner Kevin Small have worked in the trade, Joanna at The Admiral in Glasgow and Kevin at Distill in Finnieston.

Who is your biggest influence?

In general life my mother is everything – the strongest and sweetest woman I’ll ever know. With work, it’s really just my business partners! It’s pretty special to find humans you can work so closely with and still enjoy, I’m happy when I see them feeling good about what we’ve done and I’m very sure it goes both ways.

Have you noticed any trends in hospitality/the Scottish licensed trade?

Diversity – so proud of Glasgow and how fast it’s adapting to the ever changing streets. It feels fresh again, it’s pop ups and street vendors, new units opening every five minutes and most of the time is a new face. It feels brave and exciting, I can’t wait to see where it goes in the next few years.

How do you stay ahead of the curve?

I think it’s about not fearing change and always looking to learn which in itself allows you to stay ahead. When you get stagnant everything starts to feel regressive and deadened which is suffocating. Listening to voices around you – your staff, your friends, people that see the world from a different angle and then filtering things down in to pile
you can process. Or something like that…

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