East End Boys

Norrie Innes, owner of Barras Art & Design, has opened another unit at 226 Gallowgate called 226 on the site of the former Baird’s Bar.

He’s leasing the space from Margaret McIver, who also owns the Barrowlands Ballroom.
The L-shaped interior has been stripped right back to the bone and is the epitome of shabby chic, with paint peeling off the woodwork and a fire-damaged ceiling from way back that all just seems to work.

The gantry mirrors an old staircase that ends at the ceiling and that belongs to and old tenement, plus there’s also a few of the original tiles on display too. Then there’s also a big wooden fireplace and reclaimed metal furniture and a chesterfield. Vertical blinds on the window create a shady interior.

An outside space being developed presently. Ops Manager Laura Quintana told DRAM, “We had a few problems with the building, such as wood rot, so we weren’t able to start the
work for a while, but we started back in March and so the whole refurbishment took four months to complete and all the customers really seem to love what we’ve done.”

Meanwhile, Andy Gemmell is working on his Gallowgate bar, The Gate, which is due to open shortly.

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