Innis & Gunn re-brand Beer Kitchens

Innis & Gunn has converted its Beer Kitchen on Glasgow’s Ashton Lane into a second site for its Brewery Taproom concept. It’s the second of a planned three conversions after Edinburgh and ahead of Dundee.

Kayley Barbour handles sales and marketing for Innis & Gunn. She told DRAM, “The Beer Kitchen is now four years old, and with the industry everything moves fast, Innis & Gunn itself has had a re-brand in that time so it felt like the bars also needed a change to be a true Innis & Gunn experience”

“The bar now features 22 craft beer taps including fresh Tank lager and Innis & Gunn core range of beers, plus limited edition craft beers. The restaurant on the first floor boasts eight craft beer taps and open-plan kitchen.

“We started with our flagship Edinburgh bar, on Lothian Road, which was completed at the end of March, Glasgow followed, and Dundee’s Beer Kitchen is scheduled for next month. We are ripping out booths to open up the spaces and adding bench seating to make the spaces more relaxed, informal and casual.”

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