Daring Foods joins forces with Brakes

Plant-based ingredients provider, Daring Foods, has joined forces with foodservice provider, Brakes.
Brakes Scotland is the first foodservice provider to take on the full Daring range, which includes meat alternatives ranging from mince to nuggets to burgers. 
Brakes claim that 2019 has already shown a 300% year-on-year rise in demand for meat alternatives, as consumers increasingly choose to consciously eat less meat.
The range is powered by real whole food ingredients and packed with powerful plant protein.
As well as being dairy and egg free, the products contain no palm oil, genetically modified organisms, hormones or antibiotics.  
The range of red meat, chicken and fish alternatives are composed of a few simple ingredients, namely wheat protein, potato protein and a variety of spices.  
John McLintock, Operations Director for Brakes Scotland said, “This is the largest vegan range we have listed from one supplier. With the expertise of Daring Foods available in terms of training and their unique point of sale and branding, this will help caterers who are struggling to find a fantastic vegan offering.” 
Daring Foods founder Ross Mackay added, “This is just the beginning. The response to our products has been phenomenal – even the most militant meat-eaters struggle to tell the difference. Plant-based options aren’t just for alternative cafes anymore. They are for everyone and this distribution deal proves this.  
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