GM Spotlight

Seeing as it’s summer, we decided to spotlight seven GMs of venues renowned for their excellent outdoor areas. Here’s what Lewis Malecki of Edinburgh’s Indigo Yard had to say.


Indigo Yard’s popular outdoor area boasts picnic tables complete with patio umbrellas,
wall-mounted planters and has a total capacity of 100, seating and standing which
gives the busy bar much need capacity. GM, Lewis Malecki, has worked for Indigo
Yard, part of the Montpeliers’ group, for seven years and there’s no sign of an itch
because he’s still loving the job and works with what he describes as “great people.”

Said Lewis, “I’m a hands-on manager that leads by example and from the front. This
is our customer’s social time that we are in the job of enriching, so it’s important
to me that my staff also enjoy themselves. It just makes sense.” Lewis manages a
total of 28 staff who all meet once a month to air their thoughts and for stuff to be

“The biggest change, of course, has been the rise of social media and customers,
therefore, having more ways to feed stuff back. I make sure that I answer everything

As for his future careers aspirations, Lewis wouldn’t rule out taking his
to the next level. He explained, “Becoming an owner-operator in my own right isn’t
something I’d rule out for the future, but I’m really happy with Montpeliers right now.”


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