Greene King to roll out insights system

Belhaven owner Greene King is to roll out an insights system across its leased and tenanted estate designed to help licensees optimise their keg range for customers.

Working with hospitality data company HDI, the Perfect Bar project has researched the local market for each individual pub and used industry data to calculate what drinks range is likely to generate the best sales. Business development managers will use the tool to provide guidance to pubs about what tweaks to their keg beer and cider range could prove beneficial.

Greene King Pub Partners head of marketing Phil Chatwin said, “This is an impressive project with a great deal of momentum we hope will energise our partners to take a second look at their draught products and decide whether it really is the best they can offer their customers. It’s completely customer focused and is the opportunity to get the right range in a pub.

“Our business development managers – whose role has already evolved greatly with an increased business consultancy focus – are now able to have hugely insightful conversations with partners about what products we think will work best in their pub. Using this tool, plus our partners’ invaluable knowledge of their local community, sets us up to have the ‘perfect bar’ in all our pubs and we believe will give our partners an all-important edge over the competition.””

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