Two’s Company: Couples in business profile

Working together when you’re a couple is a real skill and we profile eight couples that lift the lid on how they’ve mastered it…starting with TANJA LISTER AND SONIA VIRECHAUVEIX of Kylesku Hotel, Sutherland.

Tanja and Sonia first met 15 years ago while working for Waitrose in Tanja’s hometown of Bracknell, in Kent, and they have been running The Kylesku Hotel for ten years.

Sonia had moved from her native France with the intention of working in hotels in London at the time. So, what lies behind their success as operators and partners?

Said Tanja, “It would be a nightmare if there were two of me and, luckily, we are quite opposing characters. Sonia deals more with front of house duties while I prefer to concentrate on all the behind the scenes stuff, like accounts. In a nutshell, Sonia’s patience contrasting with my drive, let’s call it, works very well together.”

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