Two’s Company: Couples in business profile


Working together when you’re a couple is a real skill and we profile eight couples that lift the lid on how they’ve mastered it…starting with MICHAEL BERGSON and MICHELLE MOONEY-BERGSON of Buck’s Bar/Soho/Variety Bar in Glasgow.

Michael and Michelle Bergson first met in 2003 when he was GM at Glasgow’s Tiger Tiger and he employed Michelle as a sales manager, but the course of true love didn’t quite run smoothly.

Explained Michael, “She got knocked back at first, then we started seeing each other, head office changed its mind and employed her so we were thrown together as colleagues!”

I then took Michelle with me to Lynnet Leisure.” Now, they run Soho, Buck’s Bar and The Variety Bar in Glasgow.

What’s their trade secret when it comes to working together as a couple? Said Michael, “You need to know when the cut-off point is – i.e. when you’re not allowed to talk about work. The best part is that you have a partner who also understands the pressures of the trade.”

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