Brewer offers investment to sustainability focused start-ups


Budweiser Brewing Group UK&I, part of AB InBev, is calling on UK enterprises to help tackle some of the world’s biggest environmental and societal concerns, by participating in its 100+ Accelerator programme.

The brewer is calling on start-ups for innovative ideas to help solve a range of global issues connected to AB InBev’s Sustainability and Smart Drinking Goals.

The 100+ Accelerator programme, now in its second year, seeks start-up businesses with innovative solutions that can be quickly scaled to make a significant impact on a specific challenge area. Successful applicants will receive up to $100,000 investment as well as active mentorship training, programming, and pilot opportunities within the AB InBev network.

In a new category this year, the programme is open to businesses with solutions that address issues around Smart Drinking, including drink-driving prevention, the need for advanced age verification in the purchase of alcohol and innovations that support consumers in making smarter drinking choices.

Paula Lindenberg, President of Budweiser Brewing Group UK&I commented, “I am proud of our 100+ Accelerator and the work it has done to drive progress and innovation across our full, integrated value chain – from the farms that supply our ingredients to make beer, to the packaging for our products and how they are consumed. Beyond that, it creates the opportunity for start-ups to help effect real, societal change.

“This year marks a significant moment, with the introduction of the Smart Drinking category. As a business, we have seen growth in the popularity of our no-and-low alcohol beers – highlighting that consumers are looking for moderation without compromising their social lives. I encourage anyone who has an idea that could help bring an end to excessive drinking to enter – and I look forward to seeing what innovative start-ups across the UK come up with.”

Budweiser Brewing Group UK&I is interested in applicants to the 100+ Accelerator that address the following Smart Drinking Challenges:

  1. Developing novel (e.g. beyond BAC self-measurement) approaches to help consumers make smart drinking choices, manage their alcohol intake, and avoid binge drinking
  2. Novel mechanisms, approaches or technologies for advanced age-verification and prevention of underage purchase and consumption of alcohol, both in on-premise (e.g. bars, restaurants) and off-premise (e.g. retail stores) settings as well as e-commerce
  3. Using new or existing technology to improve road safety including impaired driving prevention, accident prevention, protecting road users and improving driving behaviour
  4. Leveraging digital or other tools to increase alcohol health literacy among consumers, including helping consumers access, understand, and use information to avoid harmful use of alcohol
  5. Tools or approaches for training bartenders and sellers on responsible alcoholic beverage service, including drunk-driving prevention and binge drinking prevention
  6. Exponential technologies that can help us deliver effective interventions, such as Screening and Brief Intervention programs (both regular and electronic), at scale to reach people in the general population
  7. Creative approaches to promoting and incentivizing smart drinking during spectator events where alcohol is served (e.g. sports, concerts, etc.)

Applications for the 2020 100+ Accelerator close on 30 October. For more information, visit:


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