Pub Is The Hub and Heineken UK show loneliness the door with pub scheme


Pub Is The Hub, the scheme that helps rural pubs branch out into new services for their communities, has launched a pilot programme aimed at combating loneliness and isolation.

The Join Inn – Last Orders For Loneliness scheme will help licensees, operators, councils and rural community organisations review the pub’s role in providing vital social spaces for locals. The £100,000, two-year pilot programme is being funded by Heineken UK.

The initiative, inspired by the Jo Cox Loneliness Campaign, will fund a part-time “advisory ambassador for loneliness” role that will seek to spread the best ideas from individual pub schemes to other regions and share their success through collaboration with supporting partners nationwide.

David Forde, Managing Director, Heineken UK said, “Pubs are so often the heart of communities and can play a vital role in helping to tackle social isolation. With 2,700 pubs across the UK we understand their importance in bringing people together, it’s something we’ve campaigned passionately about for the last four years through our Brewing Good Cheer campaign. We’re thrilled to build on our long-term support for Pub is the Hub. Our partnership will kick-start community activities and shine a light on how communities come together in, and often rely on, the great British pub.”

John Longden, chief executive of Pub Is The Hub, said, “One of the main benefits we have discovered through our projects with rural pubs is the enormous boost to well-being they provide to isolated or vulnerable people in communities.”

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