Family Fortunes: The Hood Family




Angels in Uddinston and The Parkville are just two of Lisini’s venues, the family business that was started by the late, great Harry Hood in 1969. The MD is Harry’s daughter Lisa Wishart. She said, “It is ironic that this piece is called “Family Fortunes”. As a family, we actually auditioned for this a few years ago. My father had always said ‘we’d be great in Family Fortunes…let’s audition!’. So we did. In the introduction, we all said our names and what we did. “We work in a pub” ’ echoed my sister Siobhan, Nicky, Uncle George (dad’s brother) and Kathleen (mum) My dad said ‘Well I own the pub!’

“Actually, Siobhan was so shell shocked, she forgot her name. Mum kept calling Les Dennis, Des and my Dad (the TV expert) couldn’t quite get his brain in gear, and couldn’t answer anything. Needless to say, we didn’t succeed. I think that sums our family up!”
Lisa continued, “As an immediate family, we have very different, but complimentary skills. Siobhan is a natural publican, and in so many ways emulates my late father’s passion for the customer and service. She is also a genuinely creative person and a tough negotiator. My cousin, Grant Hood, is Operations Director, who runs the company on a day-to-day basis, has the most incredible personable nature and is regarded highly by all who meet him. He has a gift of getting the absolute best out of his teams.
“Nicky (although ageing rapidly) is still a cool cat, and has an incredible knack of knowing what is current and what will work. People love him. He’s witty like my father.

As a senior team, it is often hard to differentiate between family life and work life, and inevitably business conversations extend beyond ‘Traditional Working Hours’…if there is such a thing any more. “I think our longevity derives from several things. A lifelong passion for service but with a mutual respect for each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We fiercely debate many issues that we face, but have a healthy respect for each other’s opinions and position. I often say to members of my family…” I would agree with you, but then we would both be wrong!’ ” Pictured above are Nicky, Siobhan, Lisa and Grant at the 2018 Scottish Bar and Pub Awards.


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