Firebird re-born as Gloriosa

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Unlike the mythical phoenix, Glasgow’s Firebird didn’t rise from the ashes after its recent refurbishment. It has been re-born with a new name and focus. The Yorkhill unit, on Old Dumbarton Road, is now a restaurant and wine bar called Gloriosa – and it’s a three-way business partnership between Derek Sutherland, who was the man behind Firebird, Rosie Healy, formerly of Alchemilla, and Lily Brown (both pictured).

Lily told DRAM, “We’ve freshened up the decor with an off-white colour and flashes of colour, new lighting and furniture. We are going to be
wine-led and Rosie will be using the wood-fired oven in a whole different way. It’s one thing to find an old unit and turn it around, but we were drawn to this unit because it’s a lovely use of the space and we have turned it into something more current.”

Glaswegian Lily spent a decade running a restaurant called Legs in London’s Hackney. She and Rosie planned their collaboration when she returned to Scotland last year.

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