Three bars in one for Lazzurri


The Wine Room is the name of Marco Lazzurri’s (pictured) newly extended Tabac on Glasgow’s Mitchell Lane. It is housed in the nextdoor property, a former hairdressers called DLC. The original plan was to make it a unit in its own right but planning wouldn’t allow it.

Marco told DRAM, “Historic Scotland and planning told us that we would have to knock through to the next-door premises rather than it be a stand-alone unit. In it, we built a mezzanine, while the bar specialises in vegan, organic and bio dynamic drinks by the glass.”

He’s also just opened CBD (Cannabidiol) Cocktail Bar called The Grow Room off yet another door at the rear of Tabac where ‘hidden’ bar Panther Milk used to be. CBD does not have the same psychoactive effects as the cannabis plant from which it’s extracted. Said Marco, “CBD contains no THC and so is perfectly legal. The plan is to fill The Grow Room with spider plants and to have lights on shelves.”

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