Edinburgh restaurateurs & Slow Food Edinburgh launch ‘fat’ suppers

Slow Food Edinburgh has teamed up restauranteurs, Victor and Carina Contini, to launch a new series of fat-themed suppers across the capital this spring, starting at Contini George Street in Edinburgh on Tuesday 18th February.
Customers will get an insight into how olive oil was introduced to the British Isles during the Roman occupation and how it was used extensively until being replaced with butter after the Norman invasion in the 11th century. People will also learn more about how lard was used as a substitute for butter during World War Two, but has been a staple of our Italian regional cooking for centuries.
Industry experts will discuss the health benefits of valuable Omega 3 fish oil, the bad fats in our modern diet, along with fad fats, such as coconut oil, avocado oil, rapeseed oil and the devastating impact of certain palm oils.
Carina Contini (pictured), said, “Now that Veganuary is over, we’re really excited to be ditching the fad diets and putting ‘good fat’ back on the menu with this new series of fat-themed suppers at each of our city-centre venues.
“Fat is anything but a greasy topic. We want to encourage people to celebrate ‘good fat’ and make sure that it’s showcased on our menus, including the best Scottish butter, cream and lard, as well as extra virgin olive oil from Italy.”
Eleonora Vanello, Co-chair of Slow Food Edinburgh, added, “Learning about the history and use of ‘fat’ in Scottish gastronomy is going to be a fascinating topic for our first residency of Slow Food Edinburgh Big Tables at Contini venues in Edinburgh. We can’t wait to taste Carina Contini’s good, clean, fair creations.”
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