Coronavirus latest: Over 11,000 Free coronavirus e-learning Courses Assigned in First 24-Hours


CPL Learning has seen an enormous response to the launch of their free Coronavirus- Taking Proactive Action e-learning course with over eleven thousand courses assigned to hospitality teams members within the first 24 hours.

Said Martin Hilton, Director of Learning and Education, CPL Learning, “We created this course to support the hospitality sector in protecting the well-being of their team members and customers, and it’s great to see so many operators deploying it within their businesses.”

“With the announcement that the UK Government has now moved out of contain phase into delay, we will continue to review, update and amend our learning materials accordingly to ensure that we are supporting the sector in delivering best practice.”


Commenting on the course,  Drew Brown, Managing Director, Dominion Hospitality,  “It’s a very worrying time with our key consideration on supporting our team, keeping them safe and well informed so that we can continue to serve our customers safely and in turn promote a high level of trust.

“Whilst trying to pull together various bits of information into guidance and training documents for our team the team at CPL Learning have reacted quickly and have provided an online course which has been developed by experts, and covers most of the key considerations for the Coronavirus outbreak. All of our team members will have access to this training course so they can feel confident and informed and continue to work safety. Impressive support from CPL.”

Sian Quick, Learning & Development Manager, Liberation Group, said, “Putting our people first is something we live by every day at Liberation Group, but when we work with partners like CPL learning who put our people first, that’s special.  During a time of uncertainty CPL turned around and made available a free COVID-19 course to all of our employees within days.  The course is informative not only on a health basis but the operational tips for planning ahead to minimise risk are fantastic.”

The course has been produced in collaboration with David Edwards, SpeakEzi, a member of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health who has a wealth of experience in food safety, integrity and protection in senior, board and consultant capacities.

Developed for the hospitality industry, this course has been designed to support businesses in making preparations and contingencies to deal with Coronavirus (COVID-19). Aimed predominantly at outlet management it covers topics such as what is Coronavirus, areas to consider and plan, operational tips and training guides and materials. A range of additional support materials to be used in venues will also accompany this course.



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