Coronavirus: Apply now for The BEN and The Drinks Trust COVID-19 Relief Fund


Qualifying hospitality workers can now access a one-off financial grant of £250 by applying for The BEN and Drinks Trust COVID-19 financial relief fund by visiting: 

To be eligible for the Fund you will have been made redundant and subsequently not been reinstated, and so unable to benefit from the salary grant scheme, or be on a on a zero-hours contract and on lesser income or limited hours, and as a result have limited income relief.

The BEN in Scotland and The Drinks Trust will prioritise individuals who have health conditions and also those caring for dependents.

The application process will take in two stages. Applicants will complete the webform, and up to 2000 individuals with the most immediate financial needs will be approved and then be required to submit supporting documents and bank details before final approval is made.

All supporting documents will be submitted to an encrypted server, these documents will only be accessible by qualified staff within The BEN and The Drinks Trust.

This process may take several weeks to complete, and all applicants, those successful or otherwise, will be informed of the outcome of their application.






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