Belhaven give £250 worth of PPE support to each Scottish tenants


Belhaven Pub Partners has written to all its Scottish leased and tenanted partners confirming that every pub will receive a £250 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kit for reopening, including face masks, visors, gloves, and hand sanitiser gel. Each pub has also been offered £120 of Covid-19 signs for pub gardens and interiors, plus free online training courses covering Covid-19 topics such as service after lockdown and personal protection. The total investment is £30,000 on PPE starter kits and £14,400 on Covid-19 safety signage.

Belhaven Pub Partners managing director Wayne Shurvinton said, “We wanted to make this additional PPE investment as it’s the right thing to do for our partners, to give them the best platform possible to recover their business during this hugely challenging time for us all.

“We know there is no better investment we can make right now than backing our partners to succeed and this has been at the forefront of our minds throughout.”

Since pubs closed for the Covid-19 lockdown, Belhaven has committed to providing a total support of almost £2m to its 120 leased and tenanted pubs in Scotland. This has included: an estimated £1.25m of rent concessions which includes 90% rent concession for all tied pubs from 11 June until they can legally reopen and a further 50% rent concession for the next four weeks after reopening.  Behaven has offered an estimated £500,000 of product support, which includes the replacement of kegs and casks for unopened barrels that will be out of date when pubs reopen and discounts for tied tenants on kegs/casks purchased for the first eight weeks of reopening.

Wayne Shurvinton concluded, “I’m pleased that we can offer this next step of support for reopening, backing up our 90% rent discount for the first four weeks of reopening and 50% for the following four weeks, as well as discounts on casks and kegs as well.”

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