Q&A with Andrea Marroni & Alessandra Pioli of Bar Pizzeria Sport in Barga, Italy – COVID-19

Bar Sport, Barga

Italy have been out of lockdown for three weeks, after being closed since the start of March. This week our intrepid Italian reports Frida Corrieri and Rosanna Pieri spoke to the owners of a local Pizzeria and Bar, Andrea Marroni and Alessandra Pioli to find out what business has been like since they re-opened. Thanks to Silvia Waterson for the help with the Q&A.  

What changes have you had to make: distancing of 1 meter from the bar and between clients. We have a specific door for entry and another for the exit.

What are the laws you have to abide by? Do your customers have to maintain 2 m distance?: 1 m distancing between people, use of masks, washing hands

Do your customers have to wear masks? Yes but they can be removed when they are sitting down to eat or drink

What are the rules for going to the bathroom? Maintaining a distance of 1 meter and washing hands

 What do your customers have to do to eat in your restaurant: upon arrival they must wear their masks, they can take them off when they are seated, they must maintain distancing measures from the bar and between clients if going to the bar of 1 metre (respect sticker on the floor).

What fines are imposed if you break the law:  Approx. 400 euro for the client (£362), 3,000 euro (£2,710) for the owner plus closure for a month

What items have you had to buy to be able to continue in your business? We bought a Gazebo to have more space, stickers to establish distancing, plexiglass for the bar, masks and gloves for employees, sterilization products for surfaces and floors, hand gel.

How much money did you have to invest? Approx. 2000 Euro (£1,800) to purchase articles above.

How much losses do you expect per month, if any? Considering that we are not opening in the morning for the moment but from 5,30 pm onwards we have lost approx. 70% of what we would have normally earned. For future earning we expect to lose the same

Is it worth you staying open? Yes, because my bar is large and I’ve been able to comply with distancing measure

How much more difficult is it for you to run your business: it’s very stressful as you have to keep reminding clients to respect distances, also the staff has to continue sterilizing all equipment

Have you had to reduce staff?: Yes as for the moment we are opening only in the afternoon onwards

Have you had to increase your prices?: No, and we do not intend to do so as it’s not right

Are people abiding by the rules?: Yes

 If not how do you deal with people who do not abide by the rules: Yes people do abide by the rules but in the case that they do not we remind them courteously to do so and that they may risk a potential fine.

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