Perth pub revives karaoke by installing shower cubicle


The Half A Tanner pub on St. John’s Place in Perth, which is part of the Greene King pub estate, has installed a full-size shower cubicle so it can resume karaoke nights.

Karaoke has been a casualty of the ban on loud volume and singing in UK pubs since the coronavirus outbreak. However, the shower cubicle allows customers to sing along to their favourite songs safely as the audience in the bar listen to their efforts via headphones while watching on TV screens.

Singers taking part are given disposable microphone covers, while disinfectant is blasted through the cubicle to keep it clean.

An announcement on the pub’s Facebook page said, “With karaoke being a dirty word in the COVID pandemic, we have thought outside the box……and decided to put you in one. To be able to offer karaoke in a COVID secure way, we have installed a fully enclosed shower cubicle, a disinfectant hazer (to blast sanitize it after each singer), disposable microphone covers and a silent disco kit……the end result is studio quality karaoke done safely.

“We have restricted numbers to ensure everyone can remain seated. A temperature check will be taken on entry and drinks can be ordered via our app and delivered to your table.”

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