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The hospitality industry is facing a massive challenge. Staff need to know that the environment in which they operate is safe. and customers need visible reassurances and confidence builders to reinforce the message that your establishment is taking no shortcuts.

To this end, Sanitise Plus has developed and produced commercial Sanitising Stations that will meet and surpass all your business’s requirements and equally importantly, your customer’s expectations. These cost-effective, touch-free units, automatically deliver a fine mist of high quality, alcohol-based sanitising liquid direct to the users’ hands. The units come in wall-mounted or stand-alone versions.

Professional, commercial sanitising facilities must be available to guests at every access point, a bottle of sticky gel on the reception counter will impress no one. Being spotless is now not enough.

Your staff and customers deserve the assurance that you take their well-being seriously.  Sanitise stations from Sanitise Plus come with a choice of backplate designs or a customised, bespoke branding option for orders of 5 units and more. Having a dispenser such as this is the new norm and the only way to meet customer expectations.

Providing a clean environment is not enough, it is essential that you provide your guests with a visible, effective, professional solution to their understandable worries. Sanitise Plus is a company who were well-established before this pandemic, and will be here through it and intends to serve businesses and the public long after this pandemic is gone.


BKU Awards- UK & Ireland Best Customer Service 2020 (Judging Pending)
KBB Awards- UK & Ireland Bathroom Retailer of the Year 2020 (Finalist)
KBB Awards- UK & Ireland Bathroom Retailer of the Year 2019 (Winner)
BKU Awards- UK & Ireland Bathroom Retailer of the Year 2019 (Finalist)
KBB Awards- UK & Ireland Bathroom Showroom of the Year 2019 (Finalist)
EK&B Awards- UK & Ireland Best Bathroom Retailer 2019 (Winner)



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